A global study made by the UN entitled “ECONOMIC VALUATION OF WASTEWATER” concluded that sludge management is the most important cost factor in wastewater management. In fact, the cost of sludge treatment is responsible for approximately 50% of the total operating cost of the whole WWTP!  A ton of evacuated sludge imposes additional costs of between €32.8/year and €37.8/year. The increased sludge production volumes and the cost of disposing of are driving the wastewater treatment industry to implement new sludge management processes.

Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTPs) serve to remove the waste from wastewater, so that clean effluent can be safely discharged to waterways or be reused for beneficial purposes. The wastewater treatment industry is therefore effectively a sludge manufacturing industry.

Lodologic is wastewater startup company dedicated to providing a solution to sludge management around the world. It was founded in 2017 as a partnership between Brazilian companies and Paulee CleanTec. It is developing a revolutionary solution, based on proprietary technology, to treat the huge amount of sludge that is globally piling up.

Through a physical-chemical process, all pathogens and odor are eliminated from the sludge, generating a safe, effective and affordable organic fertilizer that can be applied in agriculture. With a small footprint and competitive pricing, this solution can be used in most municipal sewage treatment facilities with great financial and environmental benefits.