Epic CleanTec is a wastewater technology startup based in San Francisco that is aiming to transform how cities handle sanitation. The revolutionary new approach to decentralized, on-site wastewater treatment takes the “waste” out of wastewater, creating a new basis for valuable resource recovery and sustainable building design.


Formed in 2015 out of a partnership between Paulee CleanTec and CB Engineers, an international engineering and design firm with headquarters in San Francisco, Epic CleanTec is developing a novel on-site system that that uses a proprietary process to convert wastewater solids into a dry, odorless, organically-based fertilizer, all within a single building. This nutrient rich commodity can be used to grow crops, enhance gardens, and beautify green spaces.


“The wastewater treatment industry has remained largely unchanged for 200 years. As urban population centers continue to grow, centralized treatment facilities are increasingly overwhelmed. By decentralizing treatment into each building, we simultaneously assist municipalities and create a smart, cost-effective and green solution for building owners and developers. At Epic CleanTec, we are on a mission to fundamentally change the world's wastewater paradigm.” – Aaron Tartakovsky, CEO of Epic CleanTec