The problem as we see it is quite simple. Increasing poverty, extremely poor sanitation and the lack of access to clean water puts a serious strain on the ability to effectively manage human and animal waste. Hundreds of millions of tons of waste are dumped into rivers and lakes, while the rest is absorbed into the soil, contaminating the foods we eat and the water we drink, Every year over 4 million people die of diseases and conditions caused by contaminated water and crops.

Paulee CleanTec technology triggers a chemical process that converts human and animal waste into sterile ash without the need for running water or electricity. The process is quick and safe. Waste is converted into a non-toxic, fertile ash which can be recycled into the soil as a highly nutritious fertilizer. 

Paulee CleanTec technology is low cost, making it highly accessible.

Our technology promises to have an impact on the high toll of yearly deaths, and increasingly high costs to governments, by offering a truly effective and low cost solution to the management of human and animal waste. 

While greatly improving sanitation in developing countries, this technology can be effectively used to solve waste management problems in a tremendous number of other areas.