We, at Paulee Cleantec, have a revolutionary solution to two challenges in urban and rural development—processing human waste and providing adequate supplies of usable water. Universal problem with tremendous economic and public-health implications.
Paulee Cleantec is developing a waste-treatment system for toilet cabinet that combines inexpensive chemicals (oxidizer) that are mixed with the solid waste and convert it into harmless sterile fertilizer with no bad odor. 
The engineering breakthrough here is to harness the power of oxidizers to turn waste into usable ash and provide usable water. Therefore, the system will be an efficient, cost-effective, on-site sewage-treatment solution for use in areas where no swags system exist or where access to fresh water is sporadic.

The patent protected core technology is a reactor where the organic material is mixed with the oxidizing reagent 

This mixing almost instantaneously results in:

1. total elimination of all bad odor 

2. high energy release (around 100°C)

3. heat that eradicates microorganisms

4. organic material dries into ash (which can be used immediately as organic fertilizer, directly from the site of production) 


1. The high energy released during the oxidation process eliminates microorganisms within the stool thus eradicating the hazards      

    associated with fresh stool.
2. The proposed toilet system is water-free. The water in the solid waste is recovered and the water in the urine is sterilized and recovered         for flushing the toilet.
3. The toilet apparatus is sterile and free of bad odor, as the oxidizing reaction neutralizes any bad odors.
4. The solid remains constitute safe compost, free of pathogenic bacteria and parasites, that may be used as a fertilizer rich in      

    potassium, nitrogen and phosphorous, the three macroelements most essential to plant development.
5. The entire process takes about a minute.


Because the Paulee CleanTec solution satisfies these criteria, the company has been awarded a preliminary grant by the

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is in the process of developing a prototype toilet, which will soon be ready